To Astoria


On July 23rd, we left Portland and headed to Astoria, OR. Once we recovered from Bryan’s crash and Debi’s bee stings we said goodbye to Sam and headed out into the countryside northeast of Portland. Our ride took us through North Plains on our way to Banks, OR where we planned to pick up the Banks-Veronia State Trail. It was a great day of riding and we were now well out of the city and back out in the open country. We were able to piece together our route through Bethany and West Union by using Google maps with the bicycling route toggle turned on. We found a series of rec paths and power line routes that connected to some wider roads. It turned out to be another beautiful day and we spent most of the day on the bikes.

Lavender fields near West Union

Lavender plants

Clover fields

Oregon countryside near West Union

Along the Banks-Veronia State Trail

Open path on a sunny day

Old Trestle

Quiet campsite along our route

The next day we finished up the rail trail in the quiet morning and then we were back out on Rt 47 heading for the town of Mist, OR. We travelled along the Nehalem river corridor. In Mist, we picked up Rt 202 and rode through Birkenfeld where we stopped at a small store for lunch. The day was bright and sunny and the riding was wonderful. Traffic remained light as we pedaled along. In the town of Jewell, we remained on Rt 202 and climbed up over Tide Water Summit, a nice 700′ climb from town. When we arrived in the town of Olney we decided to follow the Youngs river. This would  avoid Astoria all together and since it was rush hour it seemed like a good idea. The day was wearing on, the sun was getting lower and we wanted to get on over to Hammond where we planned to stay at Fort Stevens State Park. It turned out to be a long day and after getting a bit lost on the way into Warrenton we wound up riding a total of 92 miles. We got to the State Park  just as it was getting dark. Hot showers and hiker-biker camp sites were exactly what we were looking for.

The occasional logging truck zooms by

Plenty of logging still goes on here

Saddle Mountain from Rt 202

Quiet roads on the way to the coast

Reforestation begins immediately

Hay bales in the field below Eels ridge with Saddle Mountain in the far distance

Along the Youngs River, Astoria in the distance

The next morning we woke up early surounded with thick fog all through the park. We rode our bikes to the water and checked out the Peter Iredale shipwreck and the beach. This was the first time we had seen the Pacific Ocean since we were in southern Oaxaca two years ago. The weather here is a just a little bit different than Mexico. After leaving the park, we rode to Fort Clatsop in the Lewis and Clark National Historical Park. From here it was only a short ride to Astoria where we will cross the bridge into Washington state.

Peter Iredale Shipwreck

A lone morning bicyclist on the beach

Debi checks out the shipwreck

Recycle Bin at Fort Clatsop

Unique chimney at the Fort

Hefty door latch at Fort Clatsop

Herons, Egrets, Astoria and the bridge north to Washington

Now it’s on to Astoria to find a cafe and get ready for one of our last big crossings of  the trip.

See you in town!

Debi and Bryan


2 Responses to “To Astoria”

  1. 1 Betty

    Happy New Year and safe travels to you! I check in on you occasionally. I’m playing violin at Stephen Foster State Park in N Fla. We met at Gilbert Ray in AZ last March. What you’re doing is amazing! Betty

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