Reunion in Tenino


On Friday, July 27th we rode into Tenino, WA to meet our friends Barbara and Jamie in the Tenino  City Park. Originally, we had planned to meet at the Margaret McKenny campground in Capital State Forest. Turns out you need a discovery pass to camp or park.  Oddly enough, today was the start of the Oregon Trail Days in Tenino. Free camping, entertainment and even a parade on the following day. This couldn’t have worked out better. The city park was right on the Yelm-Tenino Trail which we would be following when we leave town. That night we caught up and traded stories and had an amazing salad dinner in cafe Westfalia. Our friends Barbara and Jamie just got off the ferry from Alaska where they spent the summer solstice above the Artic circle! Amazing stories as always- Keep on truckin’ you two and we will see you down the road. Here are some pics from Tenino…

Great reunion with great friends!

Getting ready for the parade

Barbara heading down the trail

On Saturday, there was a parade where an absurd amount of candy was thrown at the crowd. Re-enactors and traditional blacksmiths came and went among the tents and tarps. That night we ate an awesome salmon dinner with fresh corn. The music and partying went on all around us out in the field. We were all awoken by some drunk folks who were having a hard time with law.

The next morning we got up early and had a nice farewell breakfast with Barbara and Jamie. Then we hit the trail and headed for Yelm, WA. The trail was uneventful and super quiet. Today we decided to ride into and through Tacoma, WA as it was Sunday, our favorite day to ride into big cities. Once in Tacoma, we planned to take the ferry to Vashon Island.

Darth on a free community bike

A lot to see during Oregon Trail Days

Scrap hides and leather making supplies for sale

Furs, Skulls and antlers for sale too

Community bike in Tenino, WA

We are getting ready to visit and stay on Vashon Island where our friends Sam and Galen are getting married. This has been our only time sensitive commitment on this trip.  We still have the city of Tacoma, WA to navigate and then get on the ferry in Ruston, WA near Point Defiance. Here we will cross the Dalco Passage on the  Puget Sound to Vashon Island.

See you next time,



2 Responses to “Reunion in Tenino”

  1. 1 Tony Rygg

    Jul.2012 vs. Feb 9, 2013 – – Was the interim a good adventure too? I trust it was. –tr

    • 2 thrubike

      Oh yes. It seems to be always a good adventure. More to post soon!


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