Welcome to Vashon Island!


On July 29th, we crossed the Puget Sound from Ruston,WA to Vashon Island.  We had a fairly easy morning ride on various bike paths and a short busy section in Spanaway, WA. It was a quiet sunny Sunday afternoon and the ferry was just about empty. Once on the island we regrouped, had a snack and then headed off to our destination. For most of the year we have planned on coming up here for our friends wedding in August. As things worked out we were able to find a house sitting opportunity for very nice couple who were friends with the grooms aunt and uncle. Our stay on Vashon was shaping up to be a lot of fun.

All quiet on our first of many Washington State Ferries

Vashon Island turned out to be hillier than we thought. Big steep climbs seemed to pop out of nowhere. After one final climb to a high point near Gold Beach we were stopped by a motorcyclist who new our names! It was Jar, the owner of the house we were heading to. We had arrived a day early but soon found out that was just in time. The owners were planning on leaving in the following days. We needed to get the house ready to host some of the out of town wedding guests that would be arriving shortly and staying for a week. In the following weeks we spent a lot of time in our outdoor kitchen area that we created out on the deck overlooking the Puget Sound and Mt. Ranier. We put this area together as the kitchen inside the house was in process of being demolished and remodeled. Big sunny days and dry nights made a perfect setting for our outdoor deck living situation.

The house we were staying at was close to the Dockton Forest which was riddled with singletrack/horse trails. This was a fine addition to the neighborhood. Debi and I spent the next six weeks exploring all things Vashon. There are plenty of parks all around the island and we tried to visit them all. The island supports a vibrant Farmer’s Market and there was live music every week. We met so many nice people and had a really great time. Here are some pics form our time on the island and our friends wedding…

Debi riding along Quartermaster harbor with Madrone trees looming above

Looking across the Puget Sound

Mount Ranier from the deck

Tug Boat of Point Robinson

Our friends, Galen and Sam had the most beautiful wedding and we were so excited to be here and be a part of the festivities. The weather was spectacular. Lots of great people, music and times! Congratulations you two!

All week long wedding guests had a chance to explore the island. There were a couple of planned events like a  rehearsal dinner and musical performance at Barnworks. Super fun to hear folks laugh and sing.

Here are some pictures from the wedding week…

Performers of the musical!

Sam Seranading

Bride and groom to be

Angie working hard on the cupcake desserts

Yay! Cupcakes!

Colorful Adirondack chairs set out at the wedding

Lots of places to hang out at the wedding

Decorations at the ceremony site

The bride and groom!

Our close proximity to the water made for easy jaunts to the beach which were best at low tide.

Angie, Joe, Debi, Jill and DJ checking out Gold Beach

Ancient stump washed up on shore

On August 9th, Debi’s cousin Risa came to visit us and we had some good times tide pooling and chilling on the deck. Deck Living! Thanks for making time and coming over to visit us! We loved being able to host. Risa works for a company called Southern Explorations. They offer world class trips to South and Central America even including the Galapagos and Antarctica! They offer unique trips that cater to your interests and schedule. Check them out if you are heading south!

Debi and Risa soaking up some sunshine on Quartermaster Harbor

No visit to Vashon would be complete without a stop at the legendary bicycle tree. Legend has it that it was leaned in the crotch of tree back in the 1950’s by a boy who didn’t like the bike. It stayed and the tree grew around it! The bike is located on the NE corner of the intersection of  Vashon HWY SW and SW 204th st. Located down a short path into the woods just north of a couple of old buildings.

Risa snaps a picture of the bicycle tree

The next morning we woke up early to head over to Paradise cove on the Colvos Passage to do some tide pooling and hopefully find a starfish.

Paradise cove at low tide

Debi looking for Starfish

Found some!

Not much left of this fellow

Looking toward Gold Beach on the Puget Sound

Container Ship heading to Tacoma, WA

Another amazing sunset across Mount Ranier

Bryan had a chance to some sailing on the Puget Sound with Jar and Roxanne and a couple of their friends. Thank you so much for making that happen. It was a highlight of the trip! Keep on Sailing!

The boat awaits and Mt. Ranier looms in the distance

Bryan takes a turn coming out of Quartermaster Harbor into the Puget Sound

Sailing on the Puget Sound

Jar and Roxanne and half of our amazing crew rowing back in the dinghy!

Vashon Island is in a unique location. It seems to stay a bit drier here than the Seattle area. Mount Ranier definitely has a lot of influence on the cloud cover and weather over on the mainland. Many mornings showed the Puget Sound packed in with fog when we were up above in the sunshine. We are really starting to feel the region and it feels like the Pacific Northwest is going to be exciting!  From the north end of  Vashon Island it is a short ferry ride to downtown Seattle where we will take you on a day trip in the next post.

Stay tuned and see you there!



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