Where are we?

Window reflection portrait in Johnson, Vermont

Window reflection portrait in Johnson, Vermont

Greetings thrubike.net followers! Bryan and I have experienced an extended blog hiatus which will now come to a close. In the coming weeks we will begin blogging again with the following goals:

  • Close up our last trip! It still looks like we’re in Washington on here!
  • Begin writing regularly about cycling. We have a rich archive of photos of bicycle adventures we haven’t even shared.
  • Try to monetize the blog in a way that doesn’t impose on our readers. Hey, every little dollar counts these days.

Currently we reside in East Johnson, VT at a private retreat center that we have lived at in the past. We live in a small cabin and we just spent the summer and fall landscaping and working in total beauty. We strive for the simple life and living at Dreaming Mountain allows that. Future plans are slowly forming and as we make new choices we hope to share those here with you.

Sending out lots of love to all those that have followed us in our travels. We hope this finds everyone healthy and happy.

With gratitude,

Debi and Bryan


4 Responses to “Where are we?”

  1. 1 Gary

    Happy Thanksgiving


  2. Hi Debi & Bryan :) We have been wondering about you guys and are so happy to hear that you have been in such a good place and are doing well! Can’t wait to read up on ‘the rest of the story’ that got you back to where you are (“Dreaming Mountain”…what a great name for a place of simple life beauty!!). We are filled with gratitude for knowing you and hoping you’ll find your way back to chiricahua one of these days :) Peace and love, Karen & Jeff

    • 4 thrubike

      Hi Karen and Jeff! Peace and love to you both too. I’ve been following all the Chiricahua posts on facebook. Love all the photos, such an amazing place. Hope this finds you both happy and healthy! Happy holidays-Debi

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