Vermont Summer Dream


It’s an overcast winter day and I’m sitting at a table in Hampton, NY. A perfect moment to write a blog post. For the last couple months Bryan and I have been employed by Eden Dogsledding in Eden Mills, VT. I’m the office/housekeeper and Bryan is the handyman/dog handler. It’s been a therapeutic endeavor for us. Following our two bicycle tours we have found ourselves a bit traumatized from being chased by dogs.The fear of being bitten and the adrenaline rushes happened over and over again on roadsides all over America. At Eden Dogsledding, the therapy has come in the form of 32 dogs that are kind, cute, well behaved, and well…not chasing us on our bicycles! It’s been excellent seasonal employment. It’s 12 miles from where we are living in East Johnson, but it still takes close to half an hour to get there. The last 5 miles are on an exciting mountainous dirt road. On the commute I am often flashing back to a bike ride Bryan and I took in June of 2011. Summer was just about to arrive and the scenery was divine.

East Hill Rd aka Eden Mountain Rd in Eden Mills, VT

Jay Peak in the middle

Bryan is all smiles

Indeed I am. At Bread and Puppet, Glover, VT.

The church of Vermont

Ahhh, breathe deep and remember those past moments of sheer beauty. A pleasant reminder on this gray day.



3 Responses to “Vermont Summer Dream”

  1. 1 Frank

    Debi and Bryan,

    You guys are looking great. I cant wait to follow you both on your next adventure. You both were my inspiration for my 2 tours. Keep the wheels spinning.

    Frank (retired bike cop)

  2. That’s awesome guys! Do you get to go sledding with the dogs as well?

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