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It’s an overcast winter day and I’m sitting at a table in Hampton, NY. A perfect moment to write a blog post. For the last couple months Bryan and I have been employed by Eden Dogsledding in Eden Mills, VT. I’m the office/housekeeper and Bryan is the handyman/dog handler. It’s been a therapeutic endeavor for […]

Where are we?


Greetings followers! Bryan and I have experienced an extended blog hiatus which will now come to a close. In the coming weeks we will begin blogging again with the following goals: Close up our last trip! It still looks like we’re in Washington on here! Begin writing regularly about cycling. We have a rich […]

On Thursday, September 20th we pulled into Friday Harbor on San Juan Island at about 7:30 pm. It was just starting to get dark and we were anxious to ride. We rolled off the boat approached a couple of U.S. Customs officers and they let us through without any issue. We pushed up the hill […]

On Monday, September 17th we found ourselves  once again re-supplying at a grocery store called Safeway. Here we wound up buying a whole roasted chicken and took it down to the waterfront in Port Angeles, WA to devour it. Along the docks we watched a drunk guy run around with his headphones on, remove most […]

On Saturday, September 15th we rode back through Port Townsend, WA and pedaled the Larry Scott Memorial Trail in the reverse direction and stopped briefly in Chimacum for some more apples and bananas. From here we decided to take Center Road south to Route 104 and then after a long gradual climb we blazed down […]

On September, 13th after an enjoyable break on Vashon, WA we left the house and headed to the north end of the island on out bikes and caught the ferry to downtown Seattle to begin riding north to British Columbia. The ride on the island was brisk and a little foggy. The daily bustle in […]

On Sunday August 12th, We dropped Risa off at the ferry on the North end of Vashon Island and said our goodbyes. We had timed her drop off with a pick-up of two more amazing people, our great friends Chris and Dusty. We wish everyone could come stay and goof off. Really, we do. Chris […]

One of the many great things about Vashon Island is its close proximity to downtown Seattle. From the north end of the island you can board the King County Water Taxi pay $5 dollars (bikes are free) and in less than an hour you are dropped off on Pier 50 right downtown. Debi and I decided […]

On July 29th, we crossed the Puget Sound from Ruston,WA to Vashon Island.  We had a fairly easy morning ride on various bike paths and a short busy section in Spanaway, WA. It was a quiet sunny Sunday afternoon and the ferry was just about empty. Once on the island we regrouped, had a snack and […]

On Friday, July 27th we rode into Tenino, WA to meet our friends Barbara and Jamie in the Tenino  City Park. Originally, we had planned to meet at the Margaret McKenny campground in Capital State Forest. Turns out you need a discovery pass to camp or park.  Oddly enough, today was the start of the […]