Street Art

Traveling by bicycle allows us to spot street art in the places we venture through. Advertising is the norm, and we as the general public get little to no say in what we see. So, we get excited when we see people reclaiming that space for art’s sake. It is unsanctioned, provides commentary and we appreciate it more than the crappy advertising that wants you to buy your way to happiness. Street art communicates and allows one to pause and reflect on a variety of social and cultural issues. On this page we will occasionally add images we have captured along the way. Enjoy!

Near Tuscon, AZ

Near Tuscon, AZ

Near Port Townsend, WA

In Bisbee, AZ

As seen in Bisbee, AZ

Bisbee, AZ

Tri-colored Chihuahua in Bisbee, AZ

Deep inside Bisbee, AZ

Clowns with guns – Bisbee, AZ

Can Can dancer in Old Bisbee, AZ

Old Bisbee, AZ

Helicopters and children in Old Bisbee, AZ

Louis Armstrong in Old Bisbee, AZ

Seen in Old Bisbee, AZ

Creepy Obama wheatpaste, St. Petersburg FL

Electric boxes, Asheville NC

Chicken Alley, Asheville NC

West Asheville, NC

Yarn bombing! U of A campus, Tucson AZ

University of Arizona Campus, Tucson AZ

Boba Fett dumpster, Asheville NC

Seen in North Asheville, NC

Classic spotted along Ghost Town Raill Trail in PA

Yeah Winnie!

“Jesus shaves”, seen on a trash can outside of the cathedral in Papantla, Mexico

Down by the railroad tracks, Asheville, NC USA

Shepard Fairey spotted in Austin, TX USA

Birds fly away on an electrical box, Asheville, NC USA

Approaching Veracruz, Mexico

The center of Veracruz, Mexico

The Shining, NYC USA

Tile work bomb, NYC USA

Down by the railroad tracks, Asheville, NC USA


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