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On Wednesday, May 9th, we woke early from our roadside camp just about 10 miles south of St. Johns, AZ. It was a chilly morning to be riding and the landscape was stark. We rode non-stop into downtown St. Johns looking for whatever it had to offer. The entire downtown was either vacant, for sale […]

We left Owl Creek Campground at sunrise on Friday May 4th and rode a quick 8 miles into Clifton. There was a steep descent down to town that was a surprise and certainly welcomed. We stopped at small park for a snack and then slowly meandered through town. We caught movement of the railroad operated […]

Thursday May 3rd we pedaled away from Safford and turned north on Route 191. In a few miles we turned onto the Black Hills Back Country Byway, here’s a map. This unpaved 21 mile route took us over the Black Hills and down into the Gila River Valley. Only 2 cars passed us all day […]

We intended to leave on May 1st from Chiricahua National Monument. On Monday April 30 we were packing up the last of our stuff and cleaning our little house when we heard on the park radio that someone had spotted smoke near Fort Bowie. As we listened, the wildfire was located near Apache Pass, the […]



We just completed 6 weeks of volunteering at Chiricahua National Monument. We’re getting back on our bicycles early Wednesday morning May 2nd and heading North! Stay tuned for our upcoming travels in Arizona and New Mexico. Peace, Debi and Bryan  

Whitetail Pass


We meant to post this one sooner, but here’s an adventure we had one day back in March sans bicycles. On Sunday, March 25th we had the opportunity to take a hike with our friends Jim and Casey. Jim is from Montana and is also a volunteer here at Chiricahua National Monument. Casey is a […]

On Tuesday, April 10th, I (Bryan) snuck away on a day off, to attempt a sub 24 hour ride through and around the Chiricahuas. It turned out to be 26 hours and about 110 miles. I left our cabin at about 8:30 am left the Monument and headed up Pinery Canyon. The morning was gorgeous […]

Wild Arizona


Our extended stay in the Chiricahua mountains has afforded us plenty of hiking and biking in our off time.  The  mountains are rugged and isolated and we have been having a great time getting to know the region. There has been a tremendous amount of wildlife crossing our path and sometimes  we are lucky enough […]

Sometimes when opportunities present themselves at precisely the right moment you must jump on them. On Monday March 15th, during an afternoon tour of  the Faraway Ranch in the Chiricahua National Monument we began chatting with our tour guide, Jim. He informed us of an opportunity to become volunteers with the National Park Service (NPS), and […]

On Wednesday, March 14th we woke up before sunrise to find that our water bottles had frozen solid. Camping in the base of the valley proved to be a little colder than we thought. A beautiful sunrise greeted us and we were packed up and back on the road by 7am. Traffic was nonexistent.  We […]