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We stumbled upon the Museo de la Caricatura in Mexico City and had to take a look. It only cost 20 pesos to enter and the old building that houses it is a spectacular space to show art.  There is an interior court-yard that is open to the sky (many courtyards have been covered in […]



We decided that we should visit the sacred site of Teotihuacan while we were in Mexico City. We were to take the train to the end of the line and then catch a bus to Los Piramides, sounded easy enough. The subway system in Mexico is very easy to navigate, similar to Washington D.C., each […]

Back on the streets again. The elevation is tough. Even with us spending five days at 5,000 ft. in Oaxaca the air here is thin and we move slow. This allows us to look for other modes of transportation and find plenty of places to rest when we need. One mode of transportation we couldn’t […]

With our bikes safely in storage in Zipolite we were able to travel with just a couple of back packs. We arrived in Mexico city at about 8 am. We came over the mountains from Puebla in a bus. The ride into Mexico City was before dawn and we were able to see the whole […]