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Our time in Key West came to an end on Sunday January 22nd. It was so nice to relax with family and take a break from riding.  Faced with what to do next, on a whim we contacted good friends in Asheville, North Carolina.  Yearning for more down time and the community of friends we […]

Key West


It’s quite incredible to us native northerners to escape the arms of winter, especially on a bicycle. 80 degrees and sunny can become pretty easy living after awhile.  Thanks to Carol, Theresa and Greg for making the trip down and hanging out for awhile. We had a great time! So many amazing meals! Here are […]

The ride on Friday, Jan 6th to lake Okeechobee turned out to be quite a day. The morning was filled with quiet roads, early morning light and plenty of birds.  Our ride took us onto Route 60, a busy truck route heading east.  Due to this part of Florida having wet and swampy areas, there […]

Inland Florida


2/29/12 Some of the photos in this post have mysteriously disappeared off of flickr….we hope to get them back soon.  On New Year’s day we left St. Petersburg and we found ourselves again riding the Pinellas Trail, this time north. This was the same trail that brought us in to the city two weeks prior. The […]

It’s Monday morning and we’re headed out of Immokalee towards Big  Cypress National Preserve, the Everglades, and beyond.  We have wonderful family flying down to meet us in Key West in the end of the week.  We will update the blog with our Central and Southern Florida travels from our cushy spot in the Keys.  […]

St. Petersburg


Happy New Year everyone! Well, after an extended  holiday break in St. Petersburg, FL we will be getting back on the bikes tomorrow for a 700 mile meander through central and southern Florida. We are excited to  meet up with family down in the Keys and to continue soaking up the warm winter weather.  St. […]

Happy Holidays


Warm wishes for everyone as they gather together to celebrate the season.  Here’s a few photos we’ve collected along the way this time that we’ve saved to share for the holidays. Take care everyone with special wishes to our friends and family-we miss you all! Debi and Bryan

We dropped off the rental car on Monday morning December 5th.  In the bright Florida sunshine we gathered our gear and pedaled out of the Jacksonville airport.  It felt kind of like magic that we were suddenly pedaling in Florida, we’ve been thinking about it for a long time. The roads had decent shoulders and […]

Vroom Vroom


We decided to take a little detour from the biking and let most of South Carolina and all of Georgia fade in the rear view mirror.  We  rented a car on Sunday December 4th and drove about 300 miles south to avoid some grueling biking on narrow, dog infested, heavy trafficked roads. This was an […]