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Bryan and I are packing today after having spent a restful 2 weeks in Asheville, North Carolina.  We’re excited to pedal and continue south.  We are getting dropped off in Tennessee by our friends Keri and Ira.   This will give us a headstart a little bit farther away from the mountains, although we still have […]

As we travel along we find ourselves rather exposed.  It’s much easier to approach someone on a bicycle versus someone in a vehicle, especially if the windows are up!  There are folks who come up to us and know exactly what we’re doing, they can name all of our gear and they want to know […]

We chose to have the following passage read aloud at our wedding by our dear friend Keri.  It resonates with how we feel about sharing our lives together and the choices we’re making. Forty-Three In ancient times, people lived holistic lives. They did not overemphasize the intellect, but integrated body, mind, and spirit in all […]