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As we travel along we find ourselves rather exposed.  It’s much easier to approach someone on a bicycle versus someone in a vehicle, especially if the windows are up!  There are folks who come up to us and know exactly what we’re doing, they can name all of our gear and they want to know […]

We arrived in New Jersey by ferry and we gracefully left the same way.  It’s been a terrific time of year to bike down the Jersey shore.  Some areas have been like ghost towns, sand blowing across the road like tumbleweeds and no one around except for us and hundreds of empty beach houses.  The […]

I’m writing this post from The Red Bank Public Library in Red Bank, NJ.  I actually used to live here about 8 years ago so it’s been neat to revisit the area.  We camped in the woods last night after spending the afternoon on the beach at Sandy Hook.  It was a beautiful day and […]