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Here it is.  The closing post to our bicycle tour.  Are you as nervous as we are?  We’ve had a great time posting.  The trip has been a plethora of ups, downs, and in betweens. The final 300 begins now. Saturday morning June 19 2010 We bid an early morning farewell to Kevin and Yoko.  […]

June 17 2010 Our first week back to the states was spent in the comfort of our friends Kevin and Yoko’s home in Brooklyn.  We also took the opportunity to go to Manhattan for a day to connect with Bryan’s cousins Peggy and Brian. We also headed to Chelsea to visit one of our favorite […]

June 10 2010-NYC Well, after quite an ordeal at the airport – paying fees, standing in lines, wrapping up the bikes we were tired and ready to be back in the US.  Even at the airport the money was flying(pun intended) out of our pockets with hidden fees and taxes. The flight was easy and […]

So, we have been spending time and sharing space with about 8.2 million other folks here in NYC. It has been truly amazing, exhausting and eye opening. We have traveled all over the city  by subway, bike, feet, ariel tram and tomorrow a ferry ride to NJ. Here are a few select pics from our […]

One of the exciting parts of our trip has been the ability to visit and spend time with friends and family.  These are folks that we don’t get to see that often and it’s been lovely to be able to knock on their doors. It was so great to see all of you!  Thanks for […]

We camped in Tallman State Park in Piermont, NY the night before heading to Brooklyn.  We rolled in to the state park around 7pm and found our little nest in the woods.  While we were cooking our dinner of sausage, onions, and lentils we heard the sound of something large running through the woods towards […]