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Today is a waiting game.  We are taking a red-eye bus tonight from 8pm-8am to get to San Cristobal de las Casas in the state of Chiapas.  Our bikes are going to once again become our moda de travel as we embark on another small journey. The next month will be spent pedaling through the […]

We stumbled upon this during our last day in Oaxaca. Very ingenious machines converted to be powered by bicycle technology! Bus ride to Mexico city tonight! Bus leaves at 1 am and arrives in Mexico City before 8 am. Here we go. There is a lot more to come. A huge thank you to all […]

One of the treasures we found in Oaxaca was an unassuming stamp museum.  Admission was by donation and it was nice reprieve from the noon day heat. We loved everything about this place. They had large roll out displays with old stamps and historic letters from prominent people of the period. Hope these have found […]

Oaxaca would not be complete without some mention of  the food here in the city. It is truly everywhere and you can have your choice of just about anything unless of course you have a food allergy like myself (Bryan). Last May I learned that I  have suffered from a dairy and wheat allergy my […]



We have so much more to share with you!  After two weeks of traveling in Oaxaca and Mexico City we feel culturally refreshed and inspired in the moment.   We have uploaded all the photos and now we just need to put the blog posts together.  Stay tuned for more photos of Oaxaca, Street Art, Teotihuacan, […]

Well, we arrived on Monday via a 9-passenger van that took us from near sea level in Pochutla, up over the Sierra Madre del Sur mountains and then down into Oaxaca city which rests at over 5,000 ft. Originally, we thought the trip would be an exciting way to see the rugged mountainous land but […]

We are getting off the beach today and leaving it behind for a couple weeks.  We’ll spend the afternoon traveling by van from Pochutla to Oaxaca City going over the mountains.  Friends have told us that this is a rather windy, wild ride but that everyone should try it at least once.  The city is […]

The following occurred the other day. We went to the store across the street to visit the endless pile of bananas that they sell and this was on top. We couldn’t resist.  Was it co-joined? We had to find out. Well, there you have it. Co-joined. We ate every bite and it was delicious.



OK,  so,  we haven’t posted in awhile – and for good reason – we are enthralled with beach life,  especially as a couple of northerners. For us,  Zipolite has worked out as a fantastic place to park the bikes for a spell, think about the direction of our trip and get some rest from these […]

At last posting we were headed out into the town of Tehuantepec to catch festivities going on outside our door.  We happened upon college students all dressed in tradition garments and they were gathered around the entrance of their school.  We realized they were watching fireworks going off on a homemade contraption that one man […]