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An alternate title for this post could be: We never thought we’d be freezing in Mississippi! We left the Days Inn in Columbia on Wednesday morning last week.  We were stocked with 5 days worth of food and outfitted in full rain gear.  Even though it was raining it was time to get going.  We […]

There are many songs that have run through our minds while pedaling through the great state of Tennessee.  I (Debi) have repeatedly thought about a song I learned at Camp Nor’Wester (I worked there a few summers out in the San Juan Islands in Washington), The Tennessee Stud.  Here’s Johnny Cash singing it live on […]

Hi Everyone! Hope everyone had a nice holiday and that there are plenty of left overs in the fridge! Debi and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the Cunningham family at Donna and Jeff’s house. Jeff and Donna were great hosts and we had a wonderful time-like we were part of the family. We had […]

Bryan and I are packing today after having spent a restful 2 weeks in Asheville, North Carolina.  We’re excited to pedal and continue south.  We are getting dropped off in Tennessee by our friends Keri and Ira.   This will give us a headstart a little bit farther away from the mountains, although we still have […]



We have been in Asheville since Friday afternoon.  We put out an S.O.S. call to our friend Keri and she drove an hour, roughly 60 miles over a 3,800 ft gap.  We’ve had our fill of gaps in the Appalachians for awhile. We have a bit of catching up to do before we tell you […]