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We left San Andres Tuxtla on Monday morning February 8th.  It was a short ride to Catemaco, a town situated on Lake Catemaco.  We skirted through the town of Catemaco to head out to more rural parts of the lake in search of a place called La Jungla, touted as a secluded retreat.  We found La […]

We left Veracruz on Thursday morning after eating breakfast at a little place we found the day before that offers eggs and chorizo for 20 pesos. The place was packed again which we have found to be a very good sign of the establishment. We saw some of the same people we saw the day prior. After […]

We’re sitting in the lobby of a high-end hotel stealing their wifi because our hotel didn’t pay their internet bill.  Although the technology situation is bleak, the hotel we’re staying at is nice, we’re on the third floor with rooftop access about a block from the zocalo. We’ve spent the last few nights in Veracruz, decompressing from […]

We’re preparing our post from a little coffee shop below the Cathedral off the main square in Papantla.  We arrived here a couple days ago after riding four days and 250+ kilometers from Tampico. Tomorrow will be our 20th day in Mexico, it’s amazing how fast it goes. Here’s a recap of our travels from […]